miércoles, agosto 27, 2008

El 666 me persigue...


Take your top 50 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 20 similar artists (where the artist itself is the #1 most similar). The resulting number of unique artists is your super-eclectic score. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/supereclectic.php

My super-eclectic score is currently


The most similar artists for my profile are モーニング娘。 (8), 松浦亜弥 (7), AKB48 (7), 後藤真希 (7), メロン記念日 (7), 鈴木あみ (7), 藤本美貴 (7), Berryz工房 (7), ミニモニ。 (7), Buono! (7)

Hell yeah!

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minkAYuko dijo...


As this number is larger, you have a more eclectic musical preference. People with scores over 700 have bragging rights. People whose score is below 400 should consider more musical styles!

*muajuajuaaaa* xD, usted es el diablo se me hace ke!