lunes, septiembre 22, 2008

Que rol tendría en una banda de rock.

Solo por ocio


-2 Talent, 1 Energy and -12 Charisma!

Ok, so you may not be Prince Charming and you couldn't give a toss about those fancy "scales", "chords" and other nonsense that the other band members always go on about, but who cares? This is a ROCK BAND, not the opera! And anyone who knows anything about rock, knows that once you get out of the comfy little studio and out on the stage, it's the drummer who makes the difference between "THEY'RE THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!" and "They're ok, I guess, but they suck live...". So keep banging those drums! You're the spine of the band!

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Jajaja xD nada de talento, nada carismatico y además medio flojon, todo un rocker.

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minkAYuko dijo...

jajajaja nah que cosas pero igual la hace e igual no xD nah que cosas con usted xD